The Center for Children's Literature, Reading and SK IBBY includes IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA.

It serves as International Center for the Development of cultured Reading, the founding organizations of which are the Slovak Section of IBBY and BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children. The Institute is closely interconnected with The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), provides a platform for IBBY member countries to cooperate, initiates activities at international level in public and professional forums. This status was also adopted at the meeting of the IBBY Executive Committee in Auckland in 2016.  

International Reading Conferences in Bratislava

The activities of the Institute include the organization of international reading conferences in Bratislava, which will be held at the opening of the BIB as its complement. The conferences are intended for the general public: parents, librarians, teachers, people who works with children, experts on literature for children and youth, and related disciplines, which are connected to reading and working with books.

The IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA started its activities in 2015. At international conferences We see differently or How to read children's picture books and conference Stop the reading crises! hosted 19 local and foreign experts on reading. In 2017, the international conferences Seeing beyond, what do you see? and Reading within the life context! took place. (Reading and Child Development).


On December 8, 2014 in cooperation with the EU Commission for culture and education and the Permanent representation of the Slovak Republic in the EU in Brussels, an international workshop Stop Reading Crisis was organized, focusing on the growing crisis of reading literacy in Europe. The workshop hosted besides other experts also the President of IBBY Belgian writer Wally de Donker.

On December 10, 2015, DG Translation EU, in cooperation with BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children and the IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA, organized in Brussels the international online seminar Translation Forum Children´s Literature: values, models and their translation, which was also streamed to Luxembourg, as well as internationally broadcast via the web stream, and was also the opening of the BIB exhibition in the DG TRANSLATION EU.

In 2016, under the mandate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR, BIB and IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA, Slovakia was presented as a part of the activities of the Slovak Presidency in the EU.  In Brussels, at the European Council on October 6, 2016, the BIB exhibition was opened and the international seminar of the IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA Transferring Values and the Value of Transferring took place. More than 60 people took part in it. The seminar hosted: Valerie Coghlan, president of the international magazine BOOKBIRD (IBBY journal devoted to the book culture for children and youth), Helen Sigeland, director of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), Beata Panáková, author, translator, dramaturge of SR - RTVS, and Timotea Vráblová.


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